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Is Hairline Follicle Replication like a tattoo?

Yes…and no. By definition, a tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of ingraining an indelible pigment into the Dermis. Similarly, Hair Follicle Replication involves the application of pigments; however the process and the results are significantly different. The imprint of a single hair follicle isn’t applied as deeply as a tattoo. Unlike traditional tattooing which consists of lines and colour shading, the Hair Follicle Replication process is performed one impression at a time with specialised needles and pigments designed to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles, with upwards of 50,000 required for full scalp coverage.

Can I see photos of previous clients, or better still speak with them prior to my treatment?

Yes you can. We can provide you with contact details and will show you photos of previous clients who were more than happy to share their treatment experience, as well as give you their honest opinion of the results we were able to achieve for them. Many are more than happy to meet with you so you can see the results first hand.

What guarantee is there that my treatment will give me the results I am looking for?

Everybody’s skin and body react differently to Pigment Implantation thus affecting the final colour and results. To ensure the best possible outcome a small test patch is performed in a discreet location, generally at the edge of and within the existing hair line towards the back of the head. This test patch will be done prior to your treatment using pigment colour-matched to your existing hair so you are able to see the results that will be achieved. Adjustments can be made if deemed necessary and following your approval, the procedure completed. Should you decide to not proceed with the treatment the test patch will not be visible to the uninformed onlooker, saving any embarrassment. We also provide a free touch up within the first 12 months should you experience any fading.

Will Hair Follicle Replication cause my own hair to grow back?

No it won’t, however it has been reported that that blood flow to the scalp has seemed improved in certain individuals due to the effect of the needle penetrating the skin. This may, and we emphasize may have a positive effect on your own hair growth but there are no guarantees.

Will I need to keep my hair cut short?

Yes and no. If you have had the treatment to cover bald areas of the scalp you will need to keep your hair short to reduce the contrast between your own follicles and the replicated follicles. If you have had the treatment in between your existing hair to create the illusion of greater thickness, no, as the replicated follicles are there purely to reduce the contrast between your hair and scalp much like a concealer or thickener spray, only permanent.

How long will the Hair Follicle Replication process take?

The initial process will take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours dependent on your coverage requirement. The follow-up process may take between 1 and 3 hours and again depends on your individual requirements, and is generally sufficient to complete your new look.

What will my treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the total area to be covered and the density that you will require to match your existing natural growth pattern. As everyone has varying requirements, we will provide you with a quotation following consultation, which can be as simple as uploading or emailing photos for assessment. Skype consultations are also a simple way of assessing your requirements. Whichever method you choose, you will know the cost prior to your treatment. The cost of Hair Follicle Replication is far less than transplant surgery, and does not come with the continual financial commitments associated with medication programs or hair piece maintenance.

Will I require ongoing treatment?

No…well, maybe. What we mean by this is that the treatment is permanent and maintenance free, however everyone’s skin and genetic make up is different, and these differences can mean that one person will experience very little if any fading whereas the next person may require a darkening procedure after a few years. One of the major factors influencing these possible colour changes is sun exposure as it can have an effect on the long term stability of the pigments, so we advise the use of high factor sun block to minimize the likelihood of having to undergo a future touch up.

What effect will your treatment have on hair transplants?

Should you have undergone hair transplant surgery, Hair Follicle Replication is a great adjunct to increase the appearance of density much like a concealer or thickener spray, only permanent. We place pigments between the transplanted follicles to reduce the contrast between the scalp and the hair to create the illusion of greater thickness. Our treatment can also mask the scars you have in the donor sites from your surgery so you will once again be able to wear your hair short without embarrassment. If you were to consider transplant surgery after undergoing Hair Follicle Replication, there would be no complications as our procedure is purely cosmetic and would have no detrimental effect on the newly transplanted hair.

Will my treatment be confidential?

Absolutely. The greater majority of our clients seek to maintain complete discretion when it comes to their treatment, and we guarantee that their personal details or treatment photos will not be disclosed to third parties or published on our website or appear in any of our advertising material without prior written consent.

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