The Perfect Hairline

Scalp micropigmentation (cosmetic tattooing of the scalp) is the perfect solution to a wide range of concerns and is used effectively for scar camouflage, pattern baldness, enhancing hair transplants, alopecia, adding density and women’s hair loss.


Is SMP for me?

Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent option in the following 5 types of situation:

+ Scalp Scarring from any cause. The ink is applied throughout the scar as well as above and below the scar to blend the scar into the surrounding hairs.

+ Female hair loss with early thinning who don’t need hair transplantation. Shading of the scalp using SMP improves coverage in mildly thinning areas.

+ Men and women who have previously had hair transplant surgery but still cannot achieve the required “visual density”.

+ Men who have extensive balding and have insufficient donor hairs to provide an adequate transplanted result. These men can achieve a natural buzz-cut result.

+ Suitable men and women who do not wish to undergo hair transplant surgery.

Our Quality of Approach

The process is safe as we utilise single-use disposable needles together with specially formulated organic ink. It is a different technique to traditional tattooing as the ink is applied very superficially to ensure only tiny dots are deposited which mimic hairs. The shade of the ink is decided upon to match the colour and tone of each patients shaved hair beneath the skin.


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Permanent Hairline

Establish a permanent and immediate method of recreating your hairline to mask hair loss and provide the appearance of a full head of short-cropped hair. Our treatment process can assist in all types of hair loss for gentlemen and ladies alike.

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